Hiking and Kayaking in Alaska (June 12-23, 2000)

bear Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve comprised the second half of our trip, and turned out to be the best chance for seeing wildlife. With bald eagles, bears, seals, sea lions, humpback whales, killer whales, and porpoises, it was like being at a zoo ... only infinitely better! (Photo by Derek)
bear.jpg (Jun. 19, 2000)
Mt McKinley Mt_McKinley
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bear tracks bear_tracks
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river river
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mountains mountains
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mountains2 mountains2
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hiking hiking
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sledding sledding
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bear bear
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kayaking kayaking
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cruise ship cruise_ship
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glacier glacier
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glacier water glacier_water
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whales whales
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whales2 whales2
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kayak view kayak_view
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